Aalami Interior

About us-
Before getting enter to our world of magical interior works we want to share you some of the things which we are eager to tell you ,that is our journey.

How we started-
In the starting of 2006, we were in other name that was ‘Sharp Effect Interior Decoration’, then in the mid time-period of 2007,we officially changed our name and that was”AALAMI INTERIOR PRIVATE LIMITED”.

So the meaning of the word ‘Aalami’ is “Globous or worldwide”.

And yes, we are getting ready to make us worldwide.

Little bit more from us-

Just wanna share that our Employees are¬† Manpower. They work hard daily to give the best of our company.We have around ’26 to 50 ’employees and Our annual turnover rate is ‘1 to 2 crore’.We have all the required machines and equipment with having 100% safety measures.


Directors of our company are official founders of “Sharp Effect Interior Decoration” or “Aalami Interior Private Limited”.They are giving their best to reach out to the top of this business.

The names of the directors are given below-

1. Chaman

2.Azam Ali


Always feel free to contact us

Phone number-9718078639,9718078636

Mail us at-info@aalamiinterior.com

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